Souls and Hallows

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by S. R. Algernon

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Walls and Wonders

Souls and Hallows

Souls and Hallows includes 35 works of science fiction, over 20 new stories -- a menagerie of souls in search of purpose in futuristic landscapes. Will they find it, and at what cost?

  • The Spirit of a Place: Places hold echoes of their past - spiritual and electric, human and alien. What will we find when we cross the threshold and listen to them?

  • Ghost in the machine: Who will artificial intelligences serve when humans are gone? Who will they serve when they no longer need us?.

  • Creatures and creations: Nature may be red in tooth and claw, but human creations have their dark sides. What remains when our plans go awry?

  • From outer space! When the invaders come, will they descend like gods from the heavens? Will they be vengeful? Merciful? Or something else entirely?

Souls and Hallows follows up on Walls and Wonders, a collection of 21 stories, including 2016 Best Short Story finalist "Asymmetrical Warfare."

Praise for S. R. Algernon's Work

("Oubliette") Simply unforgettable conclusion. You want to read this one, trust me. There is not a bad one in the lot, and ReAnimus Press has done us all a favor bringing these stories back to light.
—Abyss and Apex

"I was impressed with the world building here, especially in the stories about alien cultures. The psychological angle is also impressive, as it tends to investigate problems and look for solutions."
—Lela E. Buis

("Achievement") is an inspiring story, made more effective by its unusual structure. ("The Meme Hunter") has a powerful emotional impact. There is something to appeal to almost anyone interested in science fiction.
—Tangent Online


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