Burn Down the Night, by Craig Strete
The Haploids, by Jerry Sohl
Time of the Great Freeze, by Robert Silverberg
Modern Science Fiction, by Reginald Bretnor, ed.
Galaxy Magazine: The Dark and the Light Years, by David L. Rosheim
Underhanded Chess, by Jerry Sohl
Jewels of the Dragon, by Allen L. Wold
The Gate of Worlds, by Robert Silverberg
World Without Children and The Earth Quarter, by Damon Knight
All for Naught, by John E. Stith
Prisons and Punishments of London, by Richard Byrne

ReAnimus Release Survey

We'd love your feedback on which of the many books in our pipeline you'd most like to see. This impacts things like our release schedule, budget for cover art, etc. Please rate each book, 1=most interested to 5=least interested. Thanks!

    1. From six-time Hugo Award winning author Ben Bova

      TEST OF FIRE — (Science Fiction) A solar flare unleashes destruction on the Earth, leaving the survivors both on earth and on a colony on the moon to try to survive

      SPACE TRAVEL — (Writing) A guide for science fiction writers to writing about space travel in a realistic way

      IMMORTALITY — (Science/Popular) How science is extending your life span - and changing the world

      THE STORY OF LIGHT — (Science) The history of man's understanding of light, with respect to the sciences, the arts, and the universe; voted one of the year's best science books by the American Library Association

    2. From Star Trek / Twilight Zone author Jerry Sohl

      UNDERHANDED CHESS — (Games/Humor) A humorous book about all the devious ways to win at Chess

      UNDERHANDED BRIDGE — (Games/Humor) A humorous book about all the devious ways to win at Bridge

      THE MARS MONOPOLY — (Science Fiction) One of the famous Ace Doubles. From the original blurb: "A guy's gotta earn a living somewhere — and if it isn't on Earth, it might as well be on Mars. That is if the Syndicate would let you live on the red planet. Bert Schaun found himself washed-up as a round-the-world rocket racer, blacklisted by Thornton McAllister. He tried to make a new life for himself prospecting for uranium in the lonesome vastness of the asteroids. But McAllister's fury hunted him even to Mars; the issue became a struggle to stay alive against the dangers imposed by McAllister's interplanetary power. And then Bert found that he was not only fighting for his own survival, but for the survival, too, of a whole race of Martian outcasts. Singlehandedly, he had to combat genocide on the planet Mars!"

      ONE AGAINST HERCULUM — (Science Fiction) Another of the famous Ace Doubles. From the original blurb: "LEGAL ASSASSIN OF THE STARWAYS - Corruption was the rule of order on the domed planetary colony of Herculum. Earthman Alan Demuth, for instance, couldn't get the job he had rightfully qualified for without paying a kickback to the man he hated, Jack Bohannen. Alan thought he could simply report Jack's graft, until he learned none would listen. There was one desperate recourse. Under provision of the law, Alan could ask for a crime license. His crime would be homicide, and the victim Jack Bohannen. The law gave him twenty-four hours to make good his murder. Failure would mean Alan's death. Success would mean the clean-up of graft and dishonesty. But Alan never realized that in a graft-ridden society, even a license to kill is liable to prove a backfiring fraud!"

      THE ALTERED EGO — (Science Fiction) "What will life be like in 2045? — He was offered Eternal Life - the Price: A Living Death!!"

      THE RESURRECTION OF FRANK BORCHARD — (Fiction/Science Fiction) Frank Borchard, a successful Hollywood producer is forced to re-evaluate his life of doing wrong by people when he has a massive heart attack and visits higher planes of existence

      PRELUDE TO PERIL — (Fiction/Thriller) Chalmer Scott is to do an article on the duo piano team of Celia Peerson and Tony Duwayne (Mr. and Mrs.); he is hampered by the memories of his sexually assaulted and murdered wife Sara; the Duwaynes present a problem of personality clashes linked to perfect performances. The going gets rough when a bomb in a piano explodes, a safety curtain drops and the tour faces a disastrous end.

      THE SPUN SUGAR HOLE — (Fiction) From an Amazon review: "Hail the bygone days of "hippie-dom" with this rambling tale of Psych Ward inmates who take off on a journey of a lifetime. I first read The Spun Sugar Hole back in the 70's, when, as an employee of the NY State Dept. of Mental Hygiene,(both in-patient and out-patient psychiatric units) I began to suspect that, all too often, the "crazies" were NOT the folks in the wards, but the "keepers of the keys!" Jerry Sohl's mix of odd and endearing characters "break out" of the sanitarium on a joyful feat of self-discovery, a-la Kesey's "Cuckoo's Nest." The timing of this book was/and still is, so perfect, as we of the Kennedy assassination, Viet-Nam, Summer of Peace and Love Generation, often find ourselves mirrored in each of the characters' personae. I will only say, that for all you Boomers, if you loved One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, then, do buy this book and thumb a ride on this zany trip to the Coast. You'll find yourself cheering for this "mixed bag" of inmates who are yearning to find meaning in what was a frightening and discombobulated world. I am writing this review in 2010 - - - a good 30 years after I first read "Sugar Hole," and the plot and characters are as fresh and vital today; perhaps even more so." (first published by Simon & Schuster)

      NIGHT WIND — (Romance) A "romantic adventure featuring Indian/white relations, both sanguinary and amorous, in Gold Rush California." (Written as "Roberta Jean Mountjoy", first published by HB Jove) + sequel BLACK THUNDER

      MAMELLE, THE GODDESS — (Romance/Erotica) A story of young teenagers and sex (written as "Nathan Butler", first published by Fawcett Gold Medal)

      BLOW DRY — (Romance/Erotica) "A story of sex escapades" (written as "Nathan Butler", first published by Fawcett Gold Medal)

      KAHEESH — (Romance/Horror) "Nancy Howard is horrified when an old man with peculiar eyes gains a strange power over her husband" (written as "Nathan Butler", first published by Fawcett Gold Medal)

      DR. JOSH — (Romance) "She could look only into the eyes of "Dr." Josh, a gentle man who was trying so hard to make her feel better, and succeeding. His eyes were bright and fixed on hers. The gentle touch again, and again, only firmer now..." (written as "Nathan Butler", first published by Fawcett Gold Medal)

    3. From author Conor Daly

      A mystery series: LOCAL KNOWLEDGE / OUTSIDE AGENCY / BURIED LIES— (Mystery) Lawyer turned pro golfer Kieran Lenahan solves murder mysteries in the golf world; called "a fast-paced golf mystery" by the New York Times, and a great series whether you like golf or not

    4. From Nebula-winning author Severna Park

      THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING — (Science Fiction) A collection of Severna Park's short stories, including her Nebula Award winning "The Cure for Everything"

    5. From long-time Critters Workshop member Robert Qualkinbush

      Print Edition of HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SPECULATIVE FICTION OPENINGS — (Science Fiction Writing) A print edition of Robert's popular how-to book that analyzes story openings from pro authors and newbies and identifies how the pros do it differently

    6. Comments / Suggestions

      If you have any comments — or suggestions on books you'd like to see us do that aren't available as ebooks — then we'd be glad to hear your thoughts:

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