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ReAnimus Press Books by John Gribbin

ReAnimus Press publishes best-selling books from award-winning authors. This is John Gribbin's official web store for these titles. Ebooks are available directly on the site, without DRM; print books are sold through Amazon.com's printing service.

$3.99 (ebook), $26.99/$17.99 (print)

For Big Bang Theory fans, don't miss this indispensable guide! :) `A remarkably readable guide to the mysteries of cosmic creation'

$9.99 (ebook), $36.99/$29.99 (print)

A comprehensive encyclopedia of quantum physics. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $24.99/$14.99 (print)

Unraveling the mystery of life on earth... [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $19.99/$10.99 (print)

The theory that came in from the cold... [More...]

$4.99 (ebook), $14.99 (print)

A provocative search through space and time for a cosmic blueprint—and the source of life in the universe. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $16.99 (print)

The Remarkable Story of Darwin's Captain and the Invention of the Weather Forecast [More...]

$9.99 (ebook), $34.99/$24.99 (print)

A brilliant tour deforce that nobody interested in the world around us can afford to be without. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $22.99/$12.99 (print)

Doomsday, Dinosaurs, and Humankind [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $6.99 (print)

A delightful children's tale by the best-selling author John Gribbin's son Ben. [More...]


From time to time we conduct drawings for things like free Kindles, free ebooks, and so forth. We're not conducting one right now, but check back later!

Last Drawing's Winners

The winners of the Apr. 30th drawing are:

  • 1st Place: Sandra Beeman (Kindle + choice of any two ebooks)
  • 2nd Place: Guy Harris (Choice of any two ebooks)
  • 3rd Place: Paula Prescott (Choice of any one ebook)
  • 4th Place: Andy Kossowsky (Choice of any one ebook)


Returning Customers

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