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ReAnimus Press Books by Harvey Jacobs

ReAnimus Press publishes best-selling books from award-winning authors. This is Harvey Jacobs's official web store for these titles. Ebooks are available directly on the site, without DRM; print books are sold through Amazon.com's printing service.

$2.99 (ebook), $14.99 (print)

If you've ever served on a jury, you'll enjoy The Juror, and if not, you might insist on a summons! [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $14.99 (print)

Life at a Catskill hotel in the last days of WWII and the first minutes of the atomic age. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $14.99 (print)

The cult hit novel set in the not-too-distant future about a reluctant rebel's defiance of his role in a bar coded society. [More...]

$0.00 (ebook), $5.99 (print)

A trio of free stories from the genius of humorous, fantastical, surreal stories. [More...]

$2.99 (ebook), $11.99 (print)

An octet of stories from the genius of humorous, fantastical, surreal stories. [More...]

$0.00 (ebook), $5.99 (print)

A trio of free stories from the genius of humorous, fantastical, surreal stories. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $14.99 (print)

The (mostly!) true story of America's greatest hoax, with a fantastic(al) twist from an award-winning author. [World Fantasy Award finalist!] "An inspired novel."TIME Magazine. "A masterpiece...arguably this year's best novel."Kirkus Reviews. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $13.99 (print)

Some of Harvey's best, believably fantastical short stories. [More...]

$3.99 (ebook), $13.99 (print)

Vonnegut meets Catch-22! In the last hours of his hectic life, Simon Apple faces up to the hard truth that his very survival represents a prescription for disaster, not only for the pharmaceutical industry but for the nation itself! From award-winning author Harvey Jacobs. [More...]

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All our books are also available on Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, Apple, Sony, etc. if you prefer to purchase them there. The benefits of purchasing ebooks directly from the ReAnimus Store here is that you get both .EPUB and .MOBI formats for the price of one (and without DRM), so they work on your Kindle, Nook, iPad and just about every other ereader — not just a single device. If you change your type of ereader and made your purchase here, you don't have to repurchase your books. Purchases in ReAnimus Press store also benefit the authors more; so if it doesn't matter to you, please support your favorite authors by making your purchase here. (Likewise, paperbacks purchased through Amazon's CreateSpace page benefit the author more, and are the same exact books and fulfilment as the ones Amazon sells on Amazon.com.) We also offer a 7-day money-back return policy on ebooks. We want you to be satisfied!


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