The Story of Light - Color Image Addendum

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by Ben Bova

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Color image pages from Ben Bova's THE STORY OF LIGHT.

Since the printing process does not cost-effectively allow for color images, they are produced in grayscale in the print edition with this addendum reproducing them in color, for those who would like them.

Amazon's printing process does not yet allow for inserting a small section of color pages, so all pages would have to be produced using the same process, resulting in a minimum breakeven cost close to $50(!). To address this, you may (1) download and print the color pages from the publisher's web site as a PDF here or (2) you may purchase a color printed booklet of just the color pages, at Amazon's minimum production cost (no profit to us), available from the same source you purchased this book, as well as from Amazon, or directly from the publisher here. (3) The full ebook edition is also available at no cost via Amazon's "match book" program for those who purchased the print edition through Amazon. Thank you for your understanding.


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