Conquering the Film and Television Audition

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by Kevin Scott Allen

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Every day thousands upon thousands of people all over the world have one dream in common: becoming a Film and Television Actor. They study anywhere they can, from universities to trade schools to local theaters, striving to perfect the craft of acting. They flock to film capitals all over the globe seeking to make this dream a reality. Some are already stars from the stage, others are brand new. Many are extremely talented. But no matter the size of their talent or credits, they all have the same problem. How to get a job in Film or Television. For you can't get a job in Film and Television if you don't master the most important craft of all: the Film and Television Audition.

Conquering the Film and Television Audition fills the vast void between wanting to—and becoming—a Film and Television actor. It is a comprehensive guide to both mediums with detailed information about each medium along with specific guidelines for each genre. It covers all genres of Episodic Television, Sit-com and Re-enactment shows. It breaks down the requirements for the Series Regular, Guest Star, Co-Star and the One or Two Line Part audition. It gives the reader all the tools needed to give a job-getting audition.

A must-have book if you want a job on the big screen or small screen.

(It's also a useful tool for writers, to better understand how to create great characters!)

About the Author

Kevin Scott Allen

Kevin Scott Allen has been acting in film and television since childhood. His acting career has embraced a wide variety of roles, from All-American red-necks to otherworldly aliens.

At a young age Kevin started out on the television series Bearcats!, then traveled over to The Waltons, playing the brat and bully, Lou Wilson. From Walton's Mountain he traveled to the big city in such shows as What's Happening, St. Elsewhere, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless. From there he took off into outer space appearing in such television series as Otherworld and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Kevin returned to Earth settling in as the resident bigot on the television series Homefront. Kevin has appeared in Desperate Housewives, Prison Break, MadMen, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, The Sopranos, 24, Alias and American Crime Story to name but a few.

Films include: Charlie Valentine, Means and Ends, Little Heroes-Part 3, Wild Fire, Abe and Bruno, and the award-winning short Le Petomane: Parti Avec Le Vent, in which Kevin stars as the turn of the century French doctor obsessed with the strange anatomy of one of the Moulin Rouge's most famous performers. For more detailed information check out his IMDB page.

Between acting gigs, Kevin has taught Film and Television audition for ten years. Many of his students have won roles in major studio films as well as series regular roles on primetime television. For more information regarding studying with Kevin, you can contact him through his website,


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