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Jewels of the Dragon

by Allen L. Wold

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The greatest of treasures awaits... on the deadliest of planets.


Rikard passed a door and a man came out and fell into step beside him. The man didn't say anything for a while. He was wearing a gun—Rikard didn't know what kind—and a knife.

"Whatcher hurry?" the man said at last, his voice slurred.

"I'm trying to make an appointment."

"Zat so? Think you'll make it?"

Rikard tensed himself inwardly, in case the man decided to jump him. But he never found out the man's intentions. Without warning, a tall glittery thing flowed around the corner, half a block away, and everybody on the street came to a startled stop.

It was twelve meters tall, serpentine, transparent, shining. Rikard wanted to run, but he couldn't make his legs work. The glittering, transparent monster swung its head—if that was what it was—from side to side, as if watching the fleeing pedestrians.

Rikard found his legs at last, and took a hesitant, leaden step backwards. The thing swung to stare at him. He froze...

—Read JEWELS OF THE DRAGON, because you won't want to miss this first book of the adventures of the Indiana-Jones-like Rikard Braeth.

Allen L. Wold is the bestselling author of nine science fiction novels: THE PLANET MASTERS, STAR GOD, THE EYE IN THE STONE, JEWELS OF THE DRAGON, CROWN OF THE SERPENT, LAIR OF THE CYCLOPS, and three novels in the V series.

Critical Raves for Allen L. Wold's Novels:

"Unique and lively... hair-raising and thought-provoking... absorbing."
—Fantasy Newsletter

"A remarkably expansive imagination... highly recommended."
—Library Journal

"Engrossing... gives your wonderbone a good tingle."
—Milwaukee Journal

"Plenty of excitement"
—Publishers Weekly


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