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Biff America: Steep, Deep & Dyslexic

by Jeffrey Bergeron (AKA Biff America)

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Biff America is a wonderfully funny mix of Andy Rooney and Garrison Keillor.

From low-flow toilets to prostate pride, knee surgery to avalanche fatalities, gay marriage to schoolyard bullies, Biff America poignantly writes what the American people need to know. Through it all, Biff America has a gift for revealing the uplifting realities of modern life and, sometimes, his humor will make you blow beer through your nose.

With an introduction by John Nichols, author of THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR, and copious illustrations of Biff in action.


"Whether it is on stage, in print or on top of a fourteen-thousand-foot summit, Biff America can make you laugh, cry and feel nauseous—all at the same time."

—Rachel Dratch, cast member, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

"Don't let any of that touchy feely crap fool you; Biff America can be a mean drunk, a weasel when confronted and is an unstable individual. He still owes me $67."

—Brad Pitt, Baraboo, WI

"Biff America's writing is provocative, edgy, insightful and, most important, absorbing. He has a unique gift for mixing comedy with pathos; his observations on life, politics, his family, himself or anything else that strike his fancy are uncannily on point, often with a devilish wit."


"Beneath his blue-collar sensibilities, rough-hewn mountain-town ethos and snort-your-morning-coffee dorm-room humor, Biff America is a surprisingly refined and nuanced writer who finds amazing insights in everyday life. Unrestrained, ribald and slightly off-kilter, he stands as a mad prophet of our times. George W. Bush should read this book."


"The columns in this rich collection form one of the more thoughtful and laugh-provoking journeys that I've taken in a long spell. Think of Lake Wobegon Days meets The Little World of Don Camillo. There's a biting satire aplenty throughout these pages, but it is always couched in a truly humane understanding of our species' tragic-comic fallibility... I found myself repeatedly moved, and moved deeply, by these poignant and funny stories."

— John Nichols, author of THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR


Boston-born writer, comedian and skier, Jeffrey Bergeron, under the alias Biff America, was the recipient of the 2005 Colorado Press Association award for both humor and serious column writing. Recently elected to the Breckenridge City Council on the homeland security and medicinal marijuana platform, Bergeron skis more days than he works and lives in Breckenridge with his hot wife, Ellen. He can be seen on TV, heard on radio, and read regularly in various magazines and newspapers. You can find more Biff at www.BiffAmerica.net.


Chapter 1: Recreation
Chapter 2: Family
Chapter 3: People
Chapter 4: Dead People
Chapter 5: Politics
Chapter 6: Connubial Bliss
Chapter 7: God
Chapter 8: Sex, Love and Body Parts

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