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THREE TRIPS IN TIME AND SPACE by Robert Silverberg, John Brunner, Larry Niven, Jack Vance

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Book cover for Late Knight Edition


Late Knight Edition

A time travel expedition through the stories of SFWA Grandmaster Damon Knight. Here are six of his stories and two essays, including a story never before published.

Includes Damon's analysis of various definitions of Science Fiction, an interesting discussion for science fiction writers.

Stories include "I See You," a still relevant Hugo nominee in which anyone can see anyone and anything, past or present, and there is no such time as privacy.

"Tarcan of the Hoboes," a parody of Tarzan in which the son of an American millionaire is raised in the wild by hoboes. "The Cage," a previously unpublished story about a man's attempt to escape the cage his life has become.

"Good-bye, Henry J. Kostkos, Goodbye," an insightful, biting essay about science fiction's old guard.

With an introduction by Kate Wilhelm.

Created originally in conjunction with Damon's appearance as Guest of Honor at Boskone XXII.


Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel and Others

This book is NOT science fiction. The disclaimer is necessary because the late Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith made his literary name in writing science fiction. He was one of the earliest writers of interstellar and intergalactic adventure stories, fondly referred to as "space opera." His Skylark novels began to appear in the science fiction magazines in 1928, followed by his epic Lensman series starting in 1937. Doc's literary estate has now released to Advent the four stories which make up this book; they have never before been published. So far as we know, these are Doc's only stories that are not science fiction or fantasy. Advent usually publishes only non-fiction related to science fiction, such as criticism or bibliography; we are bringing out this book primarily because of its associational interest to Doc Smith's many fans.

The title novel, Have Trenchcoat--Will Travel, is a contemporary "private eye" thriller. Doc called it a "whodunit," but it is really more of a "howdunit." Ace private investigator Matyas "Ty" Nagy knows practically from the start who the villain is; the problem is to figure out just what he did and track him down. Vanessa Vukovich--a beautiful tigress of a woman--hires Ty to find her fugitive husband. She discovers in Ty a tiger to match her own spirit. They quickly fall in love, making it all the more urgent to locate Alex Vukovich so she can divorce him. It soon transpires that Vanessa may already be a widow--but it may be impossible to prove it.

The three shorter stories are "Motorsickle Cop," an adventure story of the Newvadia highway patrol, reflecting Doc's life-long interest in biking; "Nester of the Caramints," a Western set near the end of the frontier days; and "Full-Time Nurse," a light romance which may have been inspired by Doc's own experience with heart-lung surgery.

THREE TRIPS IN TIME AND SPACE by Robert Silverberg, John Brunner, Larry Niven, Jack Vance

Three Trips in Time and Space

Each major advance in the technology of communication or transportation has brought profound transformations and dislocations to human society. Three of science fiction's greatest authors—Larry Niven, Jack Vance, John Brunner—explore what would happen if teleportation were invented.

Suppose it were possible, technologically and economically, to transport oneself to any point on the earth's surface in virtually instantaneous travel? Let us have trips in time as well as in space... a quick passport not merely from Brooklyn to Arabia but to Arabia in the time of Mohammed, tours to the dawn of history or to the end of time. If all things are possible, if all gates stand open, what sort of world will we have? This is the challenge Robert Silverberg poses, to which three of science fiction's highest award-winners have responded with a trio of short novels displaying the variety and scope that outstanding literary craftsmen can bring to the same basic concept.

In "Flash Crowd" Larry Niven describes some of the social perils that may follow instantaneous travel. In "You'll Take the High Road" John Brunner's hero finds that man's technological accomplishments are steadily matched by his perfection of the snafu. "Rumfuddle" is Jack Vance's eerie tale of historical coincidences.

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