XPERTS Series Books

The XPERTS are a group of ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary, para-powers. They must learn to work together to save themselves, or else be destroyed by it. A series full of suspense centering on parapsychological phenomena that are both a gift and a danger, interwoven like an oriental carpet with beautiful scenes from around the world. Originally published and highly successful in German, this amazing series has now been translated to English.

"Thought provoking, hopeful, and just a bit scary!"
Vint Cerf,
Father of the Internet

Hermann Maurer, series editor and author of several books in the series, is an Austrian computer scientist, serving as Professor of Computer Science at the Graz University of Technology. He has supervised over 40 dissertations, written more than 20 books and over 600 scientific articles, and started or been involved with a number of companies. He thinks that future applications of computers can barely be described using today's terminology, and so employs metaphors such as telepathy and teleportation when discussing them.

The eight books (in English) are:

    XPERTS: The Telekinetic

    Marcus, a physics student, discovers that he has strong telekinetic powers during a climb in the mountains. As if he had invisible, extendable, strong hands, he can manipulate objects as small as a roulette ball to things as big as a motorcycle. That he can also touch people makes him dangerous for all who are not his friends. A surprising by-product: he also finds it almost too easy to seduce women. However, as much as he tries to keep his talents hidden, two groups find out and try to force him to cooperate with them. He has a powerful ally, the girl Maria with 'paraseeing powers' but whether and how they will be able to survive is unclear... A novel full of suspense about parapsychological phenomena that are both a gift and a danger, interwoven like an oriental carpet with beautiful scenes from Europe, the US and New Zealand.

    XPERTS: The Paradoppelganger

    Marcus, the telekinetic, who is still on the most wanted list in Europe, and Maria, a "para-seer" who can look through walls, join forces with other persons with "parabilities." The growing team of people with supernatural talents has headquarters in New Zealand. They are trying to help other people, yet have to remain under cover. They encounter a series of almost unsolvable problems. Yet with luck, ingenuity, advanced computer science technology and the support of New Zealand's prime minister they manage to solve them, only to be confronted with a deadly danger... This book by one of the most prestigious European computer scientists makes you wonder how much is truth and how much is fiction!

    XPERTS: The Paracommunicator

    The Paracommunicator is a uniquely carved artifact from prehistoric times. Composed of two segments, one half is found on the wild West Coast of Northern New Zealand by Aroha, a beautiful though unsophisticated young Maori woman. The other half is discovered by Herb who is also of Maori origin. The Paracommunicator establishes links with Aroha and Herb, with unforeseen consequences...

    XPERTS: The Parashield

    The West-Australian Ryan finds out, as he grows up, that he can shield himself and other persons nearby, by creating through mental powers an impenetrable shield of energy. If not for his girlfriend Hannah who has some awesome 'parabilities' his enemies would eliminate him before the team of Marcus can intervene. This novel is written with a South-Western Australian background and the suspense and complexity increases as it unfolds.

    XPERTS: E-Smog

    While on a consultancy project in Indonesia, Dr. Amanda 'Mandi' Webber, an Australian researcher, discovers an illegal production facility for e-Helpers. A patent breach, however, is only the start of her discoveries. Mandi uncovers data that shows the hazardous, even deadly, impact of electromagnetic radiation -- e-smog! With the help of Marcus Waller's group of parapersons, Mandi plans to go public with the findings. A powerful, multinational consortium of corporations, however, has other plans, which includes keeping the findings away from the public at all costs.

    XPERTS: Mindwave

    Will a new concept of artificial intelligence solve the world's biggest problems? Hugh and Jessica fight to preserve Professor Leitner's vision, in the process creating a fusion of artificial intelligence technology, the Internet, and worldwide participation: Mindwave. In this ultra realistic scenario Mindwave shows us the future, but the book's sweeping view also details the strategies of powerful enemies. Is the shared will to give the world environmental stability, peace, and quality of life for everyone enough? In this story the emergence of a new global politics is accompanied by risk-taking on many levels... and action from one side of the world to the other.

    XPERTS: The Parawarriors

    In the not too distant future, a nuclear war between Pakistan and India seems inevitable. Marcus and his team try to avoid the worst, at horrific costs. All efforts seem to be in vain. After interludes in India, Bali and La Reunion, matters are further disturbed (or helped?) by super-computers from an ancient civilization millions of years ago, and a strange intelligent animal "The We."

    XPERTS: The Paranet

    The Net, the universal computer network 75 years from now, collapses unexpectedly and completely. Chaos reigns all over the world. Millions of people die. Billions are in danger.

    Is there a way out? Yes -- but only if Marcus and his team of para-powered Xperts launch an attack sixty years in the past!

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