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TIGER! TIGER! by James Gunn

THE STEEL EYE by Chet Gottfried

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Book cover for Tiger! Tiger!

TIGER! TIGER! by James Gunn

Tiger! Tiger!

An object that shouldn't be there passed within a hundred yards of the space station.

No one deduced from the waving of the tall grass and the frightened chatter of birds the shape of the tiger moving silently through the jungle clearing.


You passed silently through the night, and we blundered upon you. You were fear, awe, hatred, and opportunity. You were knowledge; you were the shape of the unknown. We stopped; we reacted. And our awareness of your existence changed our lives.

It began at 2141 on June 14...

THE STEEL EYE by Chet Gottfried

The Steel Eye

Swill a little grease and enter a world run by robots: corporate robots spanning multiple bodies; cop robots armed and dangerous; robot entertainers, drinkers, workers, villains, and the odd innocent victim. Into that hard-boiled world rolls the steel eye, a robot detective who faces treachery from friends and allies but keeps on tracking his elusive quarry.

"Chet Gottfried's work is vivid, lucid and distinct."
—James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

"THE STEEL EYE is a beautifully crafted book which seeks to amuse and edify with its explorations of machine psychology and imperial competition in the industrial world. Sentence by sentence, the writing is beautiful, with its own singular quiet music."
—Matthew Paris, Home Planet News, December 1989

And lots more...

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