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Four More Ben Bova

The Science of Middle Earth

The Gilded Basilisk

Edward Bryant

Jerry Sohl

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Book cover for Forward in Time

Breaking News

W00t! Just signed! DAMON KNIGHT, founder of SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.), original "Futurian" with Asimov, Pohl, et al., co-founder of the Clarion writers workshop, and author of scores of books and a gazillion short stories. We'll be publishing (almost) everything he wrote, and, hopefully, the anthologies he edited, such as the famous ORBIT series. Stay tuned!


Special Deal for Subscribers

Just for subscribers—Get Ben Bova's science fiction mystery/thriller THE MULTIPLE MAN ebook for just 99 cents! Good now through Feb. 28th. Use coupon code "bova214" in the ReAnimus Press store. (Enter the code before clicking Add to Cart.) Enjoy!


Four More Ben Bova

Four more Ben Bova ebooks you'll want to read because he writes such good stuff. All are $3.99:

    MAXWELL'S DEMONS by Ben Bova
    Science fiction and science fact, humor and adventure, all await when you enter the unpredictable world of... MAXWELL'S DEMONS

    TWICE SEVEN by Ben Bova
    Ben Bova's universe is always more than the sum of its parts...

    A dozen and a half views of the world, past present and future, as seen through the Astral Mirror....

This brings us up to a whopping 20 books from Ben!


The Science of Middle-earth

The Science of Middle Earth

THE SCIENCE OF MIDDLE EARTH - Just released in paperback!

You won't be able to put this one down—it's a must read if you're a Tolkien fan. By Nature editor Dr. Henry Gee, a wonderful book explaining things like, how did Frodo's mithril coat ward off the fatal blow of an orc? How was Legolas able to count the number of riders crossing the plains of Rohan from five leagues away? Could Balrogs fly?


The Gilded Basilisk

The Gilded Basilisk

You should definitely read THE GILDED BASILISK, because basilisks and dragons are cool. :) Chet is also a SFWA pro author, so he's proven to the galactic elite that he can string words together in a most pleasing way. And he's a nice guy. Mainly, you should read it because it's a good book. Lots of Amazon reviewers agree with that. I know you'll enjoy it. :)

Chet was also interviewed in the newspaper. Go Chet!


Edward Bryant

We've just finished releasing all of (multiple Nebula Award winner) Ed Bryant's books. If you've been waiting, the wait is over!

Because of Ed's financial needs, almost all the profits from this book go directly to Ed. Donations to help with Ed's medical and other financial needs are also most appreciated via www.FriendsOfEd.org. Thank you!

The final batch includes:

    Predators and Other Stories
    PREDATORS AND OTHER STORIES by Edward Bryant - $3.99
    Troubling tales as only Ed Bryant can tell.

    Ed Bryant's stories from the anthology Night Visions 4: Hardshell featuring all original stories by Dean R. Koontz, Robert R. McCammon, and Edward Bryant.

    The "Author Introductions" before each story are themselves a work of art and not to be missed.

    FETISH by Edward Bryant - $3.99
    Modern day witch Angela Black faces some strange goings on with an old flame.

    TRILOBYTE by Edward Bryant - $2.99
    A trio of twisted little tales from the master of twistedness. With an introduction by Tim Powers.


Jerry Sohl

The Mars Monopoly We've finished releasing ebooks of all 25 books written by master Star Trek / Twilight Zone writer Jerry Sohl! http://www.JerrySohl.com.

He wrote all kinds of stuff--about half are science fiction and/or horror, six are romance (under two pseudonyms), some are mysteries, literary fiction, and a couple humor (Underhanded Chess & Underhanded Bridge).

All were originally published by the major publishers, and 25 books from the big houses is not a minor accomplishment, one that attests to how much readers have enjoyed his work. I hope you enjoy them too!

(All 25 are available in ebook format; paperbacks for them all are in the pipeline, with several already available.)



W00t! Announcing a cool Steampunk collection and a cool hard-SF collection from the award-winning Sean McMullen. (His "Souls in the Great Machine" is one of my personal favorites.) And they are:

      Award winning steampunk from a master!

      Balloons were the only way to fly in 1840, and air safety standards were the stuff of science fiction...

      A modern day librarian in London is about to reserve a book for a Regency serial killer...

      When you think about it, they had the skills and materials to build a steam engine in 1449...

      Some people just don't appreciate art, but a two mile long metal dragon with a serious attitude problem can do more than just sneer...

      Why are cheetahs the most perfect of creatures? Besides because they're cats, that is...

These are both new, never before published collections (I'm tickled that ReAnimus Press gets to do them!!), and both are in ebook ($3.99) and paperback ($14.99).


History of TV, and of New York City

The Box: An Oral History of Television, 1920-1961 Two wonderful new histories from ReAnimus Press, in ebook and paperback:

      "Wondrous... An oral scrapbook of the pioneering days of our video nation"
      --The New York Times Book Review
      Really amazing to read, and with over 100 photos.

      "Indispensable... great fun to read."
      --The New York Times
      With dozens of photos. Fascinating stories.


Young Adult Science Fiction

XENOSTORM: RISING by Brian Clegg - $3.99 Xenostorm: Rising

    He doesn't know it yet, but fourteen-year-old Davy Taylor is about to have the worst day of his life.

    With a journalist for a father and a scientist mother, family life has always been nomadic: France, South America and now, London. Coming home from school, he collapses in the street. More pain than he'd ever thought possible... a brain haemorrhage? Is he dying? He staggers home. Surely his parents can help? But they're gone. The flat's empty. He's alone.

    And then the voice in his head starts talking.

    Davy finds himself facing a powerful underground group who have lived for hundreds of years--and want to see him dead. The future of human existence is in the balance...

    Brian Clegg is an author of popular science books, including The God Effect, A Brief History of Infinity, How to Build a Time Machine and Inflight Science. He has written for many publications from The Wall Street Journal and the Times to Playboy and Nature. He lives in Wiltshire, England with his wife, twin daughters and golden retriever.

Lots More Jerry Sohl

Costigan s Needle COSTIGAN'S NEEDLE by Jerry Sohl - $3.99

    We've just finished releasing all of Star Trek and Twilight Zone writer Jerry Sohl's books, and many people say this one's their favorite.

    Dr. Winfield Costigan had designed his "Needle" as a boon to medical research. But few men are able to let well enough alone, and when the Inland Electronics Company puts up a huge sum to finance the project, Costigan constructs a needle big enough to allow a man to step inside. At a secret testing, Glenn Basher of Inland Electronics draws the short straw and passes through the eye of the needle. Trouble is, he does not reappear.

    "Jerry Sohl undoubtedly possesses one of the most imaginative minds of our day." --Houston Post

    Jerry Sohl is the acclaimed writer for Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and scores more scripts and novels.

UNDERHANDED BRIDGE by Jerry Sohl -- also, UNDERHANDED CHESS Underhanded Bridge

    A hilarious handbook of devious diversions and stratagems for winning at bridge. Likewise for chess!

And four more by Jerry:

THE ALTERED EGO by Jerry Sohl - $3.99

    When young Carl Kempton returned from an idle day at the beach, he found a secret service man awaiting him at home. Carl's father, Bradley, had been murdered -- a fact more puzzling than tragic because, as one of the truly great scientific minds of the day, he had been marked by the Federation for "restoration." Who, then, could possibly have hoped to gain by his murder?

    Carl sets out to solve the mystery. His father, even after restoration, could not be of much help, because the last recording of his brain had taken place months before.

    Carl can't help but feel there is something very strange about the whole matter... and indeed there is.

PRELUDE TO PERIL by Jerry Sohl - $3.99 Prelude to Peril

    Chalmer Scott gets the best assignment any journalist could want: An in-depth story of the day's most popular musicians, Celia Peerson and Tony Duwaye.

    But the moment he joins the couple on their tour, strange and violent things begin to happen...


    Frank Borchard is an unhappy TV producer who suffers a cardiac arrest, dies (for five minutes) in the emergency room and is brought back to life by the frantic efforts of his doctors. Convalescing, he remembers how it felt to be dead and is filled with the wonder of it...

THE SPUN SUGAR HOLE by Jerry Sohl - $3.99

    Dr. Therin Scheckley, a psychiatrist at an expensive private mental hospital, never dreamed all four of his most critical charges would one day stroll out the gate and hit the open road across the country -- with his own mistress.


ROMANCE... We've got Romance!

First there's PASSING THROUGH THE FLAME by Norman Spinrad:

    Hollywood... a jungle where a new set of predators is clawing savagely for domination. The great movie studios and stars still hold sway -- but the porno filmmakers on the one hand, and the record companies and rock stars on the other, are accumulating more and more power. Into this warfare comes Velva Leecock and Paul Conrad. Beautiful Velva, whose innocent sexuality may be her passkey to superstardom, and talented, ambitious Paul, whose honest may be his undoing.

    "Comes off with a bang -- full of action and all varieties of sex!"
    -- Publishers Weekly

    "PASSING THROUGH THE FLAME is perfect of it's kind. Sex, dope, violence, a complex plot, a huge cast... something of everything we want Hollywood to be! Norman Spinrad writes with unexpected compassion for his characters. I recommend it wholeheartedly!"
    -- Harper's Bookletter

    We've also got Norman's semi-auto-biographical / romance, THE CHILDREN OF HAMELIN
    ReAnimus Press Store

Then six romances by Jerry Sohl, written under pseudonyms "Roberta Jean Mountjoy" and "Nathan Butler". :)

    A wild novel of sex and beauty and what happens when they explode together.

    She was young, and she was a lot of woman. Could she help it if she was also a lot of trouble?


SF, Historical Fantasy, and Romance from Roby James


Six ebook titles by Roby James! They range from science fiction and fantasy to historical and romance. All titles are $3.99. She's a great writer, a great person, and, considering some unfortunate recent events in her life (as chronicled in her newsgroup on sff.net), I'd really like to be able to show her some strong sales numbers. So we have:

      The Sting was what made Ronica McBride special--now she was crashed on an unknown planet without it. Originally published by Del Rey.
      ReAnimus Press Store

      Using her rare power over human minds, Ronica McBride vows to destroy the corruption tearing apart the interstellar empire.
      ReAnimus Press Store

      A executive woman who has never had time for love stumbles into a land of magic, 200 years in the past.

      In the middle of the third dance, Margaret's world stopped for a heartbeat, then continued with the comfortable direction of her life completely changed...
      ReAnimus Press Store


And we have NEBULA AWARD winners!

    The Cure for Everything
    THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING, a Nebula Award winner by Severna Park

    Particle Theory
    PARTICLE THEORY, by multi-Nebula Award winner Edward Bryant
      A collection of some of Ed's best stories. Ed is in dire financial need, so your help is appreciated. (Others of his titles are there too.)


Ben Bova, do we have Ben Bova

The Exiles Trilogy

The Exiles Trilogy

Ben Bova's bestselling THE EXILES TRILOGY ebook is now just $3.99 for a limited time on Amazon and in the ReAnimus Press store!

    When all the best of Earth's scientists are forced into exile to a space station to prevent their work from upsetting the status quo, they decide to embark on an even grander adventure to the stars.

    Dr. Ben Bova is a six-time Hugo Award winner, and author of over 125 futuristic novels and nonfiction books about science and technology.



The Star Conquerors (Standard Edition)

    Majorly big announcement! Six-time Hugo winner BEN BOVA's most sought after and some say best novel, THE STAR CONQUERORS, is out from ReAnimus Press in *print* and ebook editions!

    It's so rare that used copies go for $500 and up. Until now! ReAnimus Press is pleased to announce the first ever reprinting and first ever trade paperback edition of THE STAR CONQUERORS in a Special Collectors' Edition.

    To Explore New Worlds... and Resistance is Futile... all found their home here first with Star Watch Captain Geoffrey Knowland in what some say is a virtual blueprint for Star Trek.

    This ReAnimus Special Collector's Edition features a special introductory essay from Ben Bova about the history of writing of the novel. (Not to mention, valuable advice to new writers on how to succeed.) As an extra treat this edition also includes the original Mel Hunter cover art in addition to new cover art from Clay Hagebusch.

    THE STAR CONQUERORS is the first in the Watchmen series, followed by STAR WATCHMEN and THE DUELING MACHINE.

    THE STAR CONQUERORS is a great story, far too long out of print. Available exclusively from ReAnimus Press, THE STAR CONQUERORS is a major publishing event you don't want to miss.

    Resistance IS futile, so get your copy today!

ReAnimus Press has 20 of Ben Bova's books in all!--




We just released paperback editions of two bestselling True Crime books:

    A Mother
    A MOTHER'S TRIAL, by Nancy Wright
    Was it the perfect murder? A best-selling true story.

    BAD KARMA: A True Story of Obsession and Murder, by Deborah Blum
    The true crime thriller that explores the darkest regions of romantic infatuation, and a landmark Supreme Court case.


We've also published a fully illustrated edition of Mark Twain's INNOCENTS ABROAD. In short: Best. Travel. Book. Ever. It was his bestselling book during his life, and the book that made him famous. Still hilarious today, and (having visited many of the sites he writes about) still a highly accurate travel guide. We have both an ebook and paperback edition of this one:


Lots of Norman Spinrad

Mexica If you enjoy history, you'll enjoy MEXICA, by (award-winning, 3-time SFWA-President) Norman Spinrad. (Ebook & print) It's a cool story, the tale of Cortes and Montezuma, as told by a conquistador who was there to witness it. And I'm tickled that ReAnimus Press is able to publish the first US print edition!

The Iron Dream We also have the print edition of Norman's award-winning novel, THE IRON DREAM, as written by a certain historical figure.

Paperback via Amazon


Indeed, I'm tickled to announce that ReAnimus Press is publishing *21* of Norman Spinrad's titles in paperback print edition! This includes his book on writing, STAYING ALIVE. Spinrad is a three-time SFWA President and award-winning author, so he knows his stuff. The book on writing is full of good, practical advice, and his fiction is always enjoyable. Many of these have been out of print for far too long so I'm glad we're the ones able to bring them back onto paper. We have several in ebook edition too. (Alas, someone else has the rest in ebook edition; though I think our covers are way cooler than theirs!) :)

So check out

for these great titles:

    The Last Hurrah of the Golden Horde
    STAYING ALIVE - A WRITER'S GUIDE (ebook & print)
    BUG JACK BARRON (ebook)
    PASSING THROUGH THE FLAME (ebook & print)
    FRAGMENTS OF AMERICA (ebook & print)
    THE CHILDREN OF HAMELIN (ebook & print)
    MEXICA (ebook & print)
    THE IRON DREAM (print)
    CHILD OF FORTUNE (print)
    LITTLE HEROES (print)
    A WORLD BETWEEN (print)
    THE SOLARIANS (print)
    AGENT OF CHAOS (print)
    THE MIND GAME (print)
    RUSSIAN SPRING (print)
    PICTURES AT 11 (print)


For Writers and Anthology lovers

Critters Writers Workshop member extraordinaire Robert Qualkinbush's

How To Improve Your Speculative Fiction Openings HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR SPECULATIVE FICTION OPENINGS *** 2ND EDITION ***

has just been released!!! Almost doubled in length, it has been expanded to include a treatment of opening hooks that you can't miss. This is in addition to his landmark analysis of story openings that comprised the first edition. This is a monumental, can't-be-missed work for all writers.

It's available in both paperback and ebook for all ebook readers, through:

(Those who already bought the ebook of the first edition from either ReAnimus Press directly or from Amazon can get the 2nd edition at no charge by simply downloading the current file.)

We have a bunch more books on writing, too.


Anthopology 101: Reflections, Inspections and Dissections of SF Anthologies Reminder about a really insightful book about short stories and anthologies, by Bud Webster. Great for readers and especially writers who want to understand the important anthology market better. Bud writes a regular column on anthologies for the SFWA Bulletin, and he's also a winner of the Service to SFWA Award, which shows the kind of dedication to his subjects he has. This book has over two dozen chapters covering the best anthologies and stories. Nobody knows anthos like Bud. It's called:

    ANTHOPOLOGY 101: Reflections, Inspections and Dissections of SF Anthologies.

(Not a mis-spelling, Antho-pology.) :) It's at:


More Ed Bryant, and Harlan Ellison

THE BAKU: TALES OF THE NUCLEAR AGE by two-time Nebula Award winner Edward Bryant

    Three short stories and a teleplay (bought but never produced by The Twilight Zone) comprise this edition of Edward Bryant's The Baku: Tales of the Nuclear Age. Nightmares and ghosts haunt a former bomber pilot and head of a nuclear power company. With a great cover by Critter member Fran Eisemann!
Phoenix Without Ashes

    Because of Ed's financial needs, almost all the profits from this and his other books go directly to Ed. Donations to help with Ed's medical and other financial needs are also most appreciated via www.FriendsOfEd.org. Thank you!

And Harlan Ellison!--

PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES by Harlan Ellison and Edward Bryant

    Written as a collaboration between the multi-Nebula Award winning Ed Bryant and Harlan Ellison, one of the Grand Masters of science fiction and a multiple Hugo-, Nebula-, and Edgar Award-winner, PHOENIX WITHOUT ASHES is the novel edition of Harlan's famous, award-winning teleplay. (Please note this book is the novel edition, not the graphic novel.)

    The year is 2785, and Devon, a farmer banished for challenging his community's Elders, discovers a secret that changes everything he knew about the world, leading him on a quest to solve a mystery beyond his understanding before his entire world is destroyed in a cataclysm.

    With a Harlanesque introduction by Harlan Ellison.

    Harlan is very graciously donating his author's income to Ed for this book. THANK YOU, HARLAN!


Sigil News

The Sigil Trilogy (Omnibus vol.1-3) Greg Bear has added his endorsement of THE SIGIL TRILOGY to those of Michael Moorcock, Nancy Kress, Kim Stanley Robinson, and many others. Greg says, "Henry Gee stakes his claim to excellence with these startling, beautifully written tales of cosmic adventure. Brisk, funny, triumphant--and utterly compelling." THE SIGIL TRILOGY is also getting some very positive signs regarding major award nominations.

All three volumes are available in ebook and print, as separate volumes and a combined omnibus edition at http://www.ReAnimus.com/sigil


And more...

THE PLANET MASTERS by bestselling author Allen L. Wold The Planet Masters

On the isolated world of Seltique, where a ritual of legalized murder reinforces a complex and rigid class system, bionically augmented trouble-shooter Larson McCade sets out to find the Book of Aradka, repository of the ancient wisdom of an alien race. His search progressively unveils the hidden story of his own great-grandfather's flight from the mysterious upheavals which plunged once-great Seltique into a dark age of paranoia and xenophobia. (Kirkus Reviews)

Allen L. Wold is the bestselling author of nine science fiction novels: THE PLANET MASTERS, STAR GOD, THE EYE IN THE STONE, JEWELS OF THE DRAGON, CROWN OF THE SERPENT, LAIR OF THE CYCLOPS, and three novels in the V (television tie-in) series.

All except the V books are coming soon from ReAnimus Press. (Can't get ahold of anyone at Warner Bros. to get the dang rights for those V books. Would love to get THX1138 from them too. Anybody know anybody at Warner???) :)


Local Knowledge (A Kieran Lenahan Mystery) For those who like mysteries, ReAnimus Press has just published all the volumes in the Kieran Lenahan mystery series by Conor Daly, starting with LOCAL KNOWLEDGE.


Set in the world of pro-am golf, Kieran Lenahan, golf pro at Milton Country Club in Westchester County, N.Y., has just earned a berth in a local PGA tournament when the police inform him that the body of one of his club's co-owners has been fished out of a water hazard. Lenahan, a former lawyer, is stunned to hear he has been named in the dead man's will and designated to evaluate a set of rare, legendary Blitzklubs clubs, the sale of which is the sole inheritance for the dead man's beautiful trophy wife. Then the clubs are stolen, and Lenahan's young shop assistant, a reforming juvenile delinquent, is arrested for the murder. Lenahan must find the real murderer to free his assistant, search for the clubs--and prepare to play his opening PGA round.

As Publisher's weekly says, "Even non-golfers will delight in Lenahan's love of the game and the fairway world."


Also released are the others in the Kieran Lenahan series -- get them all at the $2.99 introductory price while it lasts. :)


Plus lots more -- check out the store at http://www.ReAnimus.com !